A library called SDL is at the core of many(if not most) OpenSource projects – they use the library’s functions for various tasks like graphics and sound. WikiPedia describes the library as following:

Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is a cross-platform, multimedia, free software library written in C that creates an abstraction over various platforms’ graphics, sound, and input APIs, allowing a developer to write a computer game or other multimedia application once and run it on many operating systems including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, AmigaOS and its clone MorphOS. It manages video, events, digital audio, CD-ROM, sound, threads, shared object loading, networking and timers.

Now, an user called TomB has opened a thread on Nexave, announcing that he is working on porting this very library to Palm OS. Here is a translation of his german post:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have posted a first version of my port right here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=212180. I have included a few t5est programs and games that run well on a Treo 650 and a Zodiac – a Tungsten E has had issues due to low RAM.

I would be very thankful for testers!
For developers: I support all except OpenGL, CDRom and Threads. The libraries SDL_mixer, SDL_image and spritelib are included. Additionally, ARM versions of most standard C library calls are included as a bonus!

Should anyone of you feel like testing the SDL port for Palm OS, please leave a comment with your experiences here. Alexander Gratz and I will then post the URL of this post to Nexave in order to allow TomB to participate in the discussion!

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