I’ve been a long time user of TeikeiDA, FreePadDA’s sister application, but recently I downloaded FreePadDA in the hope it would be better than TeikeiDA. When I first starting using Teikei, I used it mostly for Web Logins in Blazer and unimportant passwords, but more recently I started using it for Web Development. I could keep it preprogrammed with common HTML tags, then just invoke them into the doc I’m creating/editing. Here is a screenshot of my Teikei memo entry (if you want to find how to input different commands in Teikei or FreePad, there are many tutorials available online).

 FreePadDA   A cool use I found for it

I soon found the number of categories (or columns) to few, and really wondered why the developer didn’t extend the form all the way to the left of the screen.

 FreePadDA   A cool use I found for it

I was pleasantly surprised to see FreePad utilize the whole screen, and thus add two more columns. I was also intrigued by the new interface, where instead of tapping on the screen to paste that text into the underlying text field, you can tap on multiple entries, and it’ll paste it into its own text field, then you have to manually paste it in. This can save launching the DA more than you have to, because you can combine two or more entries before you have to exit i.e. if I want to center align something in an HTML document I can use the <div align=center>This is center aligned</div> tag by first clicking the Div command then the align tag without exiting FreePadDA. But the problem with FreePad, is the interface is not set up for for this kind of use.

 FreePadDA   A cool use I found for it

With long tag names, the end of the names are cut off and this is very undesirable , there are buttons you don’t need, and a vertical layout is much harder to use than a horizontal one. So to accommodate my seemingly rare use, I totally redesigned the UI to look like this.

 FreePadDA   A cool use I found for it

It was maybe a one hour job (I did it in between watching football on Sunday night ;-) ), and it has allowed me to web develop much faster than I could otherwise.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “FreePadDA – A cool use I found for it”

  1. Hello,
    That is very, very neat, indeed. Thanks for a nice article!
    - Where can I get your version of freepadDA?

    Anders Holt

  2. Thanks! Sorry, but I did not make it publicly available due to license agreement issues (I couldn’t find one!). But it is very easy to do, all you need is 30 minutes of free time, and BIRD (on board resource editor).

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