Update, 12/1/08: The iPod in question has just been returned. /me has been lucky for a change!

This month’s PUG meet-up was delayed due to the new year’s eve celebrations; the PUG Vienna thus met yesterday. As always, we met in the Pizza Plus – here’s what we discussed:

Group Sense’s Treo competitor went round and round; and was generally well liked. However, the subjective size advantage was not perceived as big as I initially felt it was:
0a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Alexander stuck his 8GB SDHC card into the M70 – the machine wasn’t able to identify it:
1a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

hp 314 navigator
HP’s 314 navigator(via TamsPPC) managed to impress because of its included games and the huge, highres screen:
Christian tortured the voice gateway feature of the box a bit – the 314 can act as a hands-free with most bluetooth phones(not with Palm OS Treos, though):
3a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

QTEK 8500
A QTEK 8500 smartphone also popped up at the show – all of us agreed that the Windows Mobile Smartphone launcher urgently needs an overhaul:
4a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

Apple iPod touch
I brought along an Apple iPod touch I purchased in anticipation of the SDK release, only to have it stolen while it was on the desk there. I have no ideas how this amazing feat was accomplished, but the device was gone by the time I left the table for the first time. The “insurance” purchased along with the device does NOT cover theft – although the sales clerk told me that it did…

Anyways, the machine was well liked by many except for the dedicated home button(a thing that managed to piss me off significantly in the short time I had the machine):
5a The PUG Vienna met yesterday

For me(as the owner of the iPod touch in question), this meeting was a bit dissatisfying – but it’s almost bitter irony to have a gadget stolen at a gadget user’s freak. Anyways, I had a bit of fun and got a few interesting opinions on the devices…

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2 Responses to “The PUG Vienna met yesterday”

  1. I would have called the police in a New York Minute. A Touch is not a Ten-Bucks-Gimmick, I’d find out who did it and [ZENSORED] his [ZENSORED] :(

  2. Hi Folks,
    I just got the box back…issue solved…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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