Today I’m pleased to announce that I am able to release Version 1 of my OpenMoko Theme Project based on the look of the Open Source OpenMoko Project. As some of you may know by reading this post here at TamsPalm or by following my threads at both 1src and Brighthand, I’ve been working on this project for over three months. There may well be bugs/glitches, as this is my first project of this magnitude, but I can assure you all the skins/themes are working perfectly on my Palm TX. Included in this package are skins for:

  • AppIcon
  • AppShelf
  • IconPlus
  • MySkin/Kbd
  • PalmRevolt
  • PictureLogin

Present OpenMoko Theme Project for Palm OS   Released!

This theme is 100% free to use, distribute and modify. Looking back this was a huge project which entailed a great deal of work, but in the end was a labor of love. If you enjoy using this theme package and wish to make a small donation to offset its development costs, please refer to the ReadMe! document contained within the ZIP archive for more information. You can download the package either at 1src’s Freeware Section or via this direct link!

Thank you.


Best Regards,

Brent Chiodo


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15 Responses to “OpenMoko Theme Project for Palm OS – Released!”

  1. openmoko can install in treo680? helpme..

  2. This is just a theme that can make the Palm OS look like OpenMoko, it is not the real OpenMoko OS. If you want to know how to install the themes, please refer to the documentation that comes with the associated software.

  3. ok,i try install in my treo.but i can’t to open. what is software to open? Zlauncher? or etc?

  4. As stated above, there are themes for:


    There is no skin for ZLauncher. For more information, refer to the “Readme.html” file that is contained within the zip archive.

  5. all program install in 1 folder sdcard? how to open this themes?

  6. You need to install the required software (as stated above), then install the themes to internal memory. These themes are not stand-alone applications, they need software in order to work.

  7. not to be mean guys, but you’ve gotta RTM. Brent: This looks awesome, I’ll install it as soon as I get palm revolt.

  8. Hi,

    Get SkinUI instead :) Does a better job IMO, and is much easier to use and will import PR skins etc etc. Sounds support, too

    @Brent — Btw, why didn’t you do a SkUI theme? I told you it was a LOT easier than a PR skin but noooo ;-) I’ve already worked on a few SkUI themes that look (imo) damn sexy :)

    Best regards,
    Ryan Rix

  9. Well Ryan, I didn’t do a SkinUI one because I thought, when I started the project, that PalmRevolt would be easier, which apparently it isn’t. This Skin will not import into SkinUI because of the new compression, and when I imported an uncompressed version, it looked terrible anyway. I probably won’t make a SkinUI version because I’m on to new projects now :-)

  10. Hi,

    /me shrugs and wondes off :)

  11. Hmm, why doesn’t PalmRevolt accept the skin on my TX? It just won’t appear in the list. When I change the DB type via RescoExplorer from _skn to _Skn it appears but then the device resets. This isn’t normal, isn’t it? :)

  12. Try upgrading your PalmRevolt to the newest version, then tell me how it goes (they added compression, so older PalmRevolt versions will not be able to handle new skins). I’m guessing this is the problem.

  13. Omg, yes that was it. I still had an old version -.-


    tried to d/l OpenMoko via this direct link! and the file won’t open it does not appear to br a valid archive

  15. I just downloaded it via here:

    …and it worked fine. Maybe just try again?

    P.S. I didn’t know anyone even used Palm OS devices anymore, more or less my OpenMoko themes!

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