In my opinion, one of the biggest hassles in the computer world is all of the different file formats for everything. Something we always have to consider when taking files with us from our computer on our mobile device is “does my mobile device support this format”? As it goes, mobile devices usually don’t support nearly the amount of formats our desktop computers do, so to accomplish compatibility, we often have to do file conversions. Depending on the original format and your target format, conversion can be as easy as re-saving something off or much more complicated. And sometimes our computers can’t even convert the files without the help of third party software, that yes, you must install. Fortunately there are other options. A while back I found an online file converter at that I’ve been extremely pleased with. It supports a wide variety of formats, including the ever elusive flv one (Yes, you can convert YouTUBE videos), and works quite nicely. Although you do have to input your Email address so they can email you the link to your converted document when it is finished, I’ve never had any problems with SPAM or such. For me, Zamzar has been a valuable tool in combating format incompatibilities, and I highly recommend it.

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6 Responses to “File Conversions Made Easy with Zamzar”

  1. It looks indeed interesting.

    I will have a closer look the next days, but I already read the list of compatible file types:

  2. I enjoy MediaCoder for anything that has to do with, well, media.

    For documents, I rely on OOo spitting out the format I need.

    UniversalExtractor handles my archive needs.

    I’m set! No online converter required!


  3. One thing I should warn, when I first started using them (~6 months ago), you would get your converted file back in 5-10 minutes, but as time goes on, they’ve gotten slower and slower. Sometimes it can take 2 Hours now. I think they are having some growing pains :-)

  4. Knowledge of these ‘websites’ is minimal, I’m looking for (wanting) a program that converts FLV files to MPEG or WMV.
    Can you help this ignoramus?

  5. Hi Len,
    thank you so much for your email!

    Unfortunately, I am not aware of anything myself…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  6. Len,

    If you want to convert it online, head over to zamzar, and upload the file (or if you have a url to a file on the web, switch to the url uploader), enter the format you want to convert to, and your email address, and hit Convert.

    That easy!

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