As written earlier at TamsPalm, Dmitry Grinberg is working on a T|X ROM reflasher… Well, he has finally finished and released version of NuROM.

Since my last post on NuROM, there have been a number of changes, the biggest being that NuROM will NOT work on every T|X. It seems that Palm, for some reason or another, changed the type of chip they use from the flash chips manufactured by Intel to strictly ROM chips manufactured by Macronix. So, many T|X users (and nearly definately all recent adopters of Palm’s latest handheld) will be out of luck — NuROM will not work on their devices at this point.

I’m afraid to say that I, and every other active TamsPalm author with a T|X, has a T|X with the nonflashable chip manufactured by Macronix, so there will be no NuROM review until I manage to get a flash device somehow.

So, on to the big stuff – How can you tell if you’ve got a Flash T|X?
During the early phases of testing, Dmitry created a small application called ROM checker that would tell you if you had a flashable device. You can get this application from here. Simply run it and it will say ROM or FLASH according to your model and exit.

Getting NuROM -
NuROM’s latest version can be downloaded here. The trial version limits you to make only 2 changes to our ROM, be it two insertions, removals or one of each. Dmitry has not yet set up PalmPowerUps to allow you to purchase NuROM from the main site, and you will need to email him for full directions on purchasing. NuROM will cost 18.99 with free updates, as with all of Dmitry’s applications.

Getting NuROM support -
So, you are about to make your first flash, and want to make sure everything goes OK. You have a few options for support:
Thanks to NuROM early adopter Pgr, NuROM has created a wiki at WikiDot. Though there is not much there currently, with any luck other users will be willing to put their experiences into the wiki to help new users.
If your issue is not in the Wiki yet, consult this thread at 1src forums (search before you post, please!). This thread is really active, so you should have no problem finding help, either from Dmitry, or from one of the other NuROM users.

In closing -
Altogether, NuROM looks like a stellar application, from the screenshots, and reading other peoples’ posts at the aforementioned 1src thread. But please keep in mind that the application can be incredibly dangerous in inexperienced hands so edit with the mindset of “If I don’t recognize, I’m not going to delete it” and you should be just fine!
Happy Hacking!

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7 Responses to “NuROM — Say goodbye to your T|X ROM clutter”

  1. “It seems that Palm, for some reason or another, changed the type of chip they use…”

    It’s not “for some reason”, it’s because Palm f*cked up the NVFS on the early TXes. Ask Dmitry about it and/or read the Palm Developer Guide, Page 139 in Revision G.

  2. Hi owl,

    Ok :)


    –I’m not going to bother commenting a real comment with any thought because it is late and i’m fighting off flames from 1src and home right now and don’t want to piss you off, Oliver :)

  3. well is the treo hack going to work after this hack. What’s the use of this hack.

  4. not sure what owl means…and that page is not at all related to the type of chip used…

  5. vikram,

    This is for Palm T|X specifically, in its current state — Don’t use it on your Treo! :)

    @Dmitry — I dn’t have revision G, and am too lazy to find where I’ve got all my docs (most likely on my desktop @ home) so :)

    Best regards,
    Ryan Rix

  6. Dmitry: You told me about the problems the the early TXes and the possibility to brick it due to a fault in the NVFS that leads to a overwritten system-flash…

  7. but that is not at all related to NVFS, just their fault for not write-protecting the memory mapped rom

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