The German CeBit tradeshow is commonly known for cool devices, sometimes a load of snow and a great press center. Great – for all those who are let in. For most tradeshows, getting in is a matter of proving that you publish something – not so for the CeBit. I have just received my press card for this year’s trade show – please look below for a comparison to last year’s(on the right):
DSC03258t CeBit press department discriminates bloggers/online mediums...once again

This year’s version states “ONLINE JOURNALIST” right across the Press text – sort of like bloggers are second-class journalists who basically are completely irrelevant to today’s technology world and who are just let in as an act of courtesy from the CeBit media department. Many bloggers have press cards from renowned journalists associations(e.g. yours truly) – but still aren’t worthy of proper treatment in the eyes of the Deutsche Messe AG.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t the first time the Deutsche Messe AG discriminates online mediums(and bearers of press cards not issued by German agencies) – 2000, journalists from really big news sites(e.g. Tom’s Hardware and The Register) were banned from entering the tradeshow). Last year, everything went well – and this year, the bork-ups begin all over again. It feels like a late revenge stunt – hey, we can’t kick you out, but we can still discriminate you by giving you a differently-looking(or stamped) press card.

Dear readers, please help make this public. It may not concern you today, but it will most definitely concern you when your favorite news services can no longer access a trade show or concert which is relevant for you. Please send a link to this article to your favorite news services, and post it to your blog. If you have a Digg account, please digg the article here.

Dear colleagues, feel free to use the image I have posted above in your publications – I hereas place it into public domain(click for bigger version). It may not concern you – but please help us fight back. You could receive an inferior press badge just tomorrow – please spread the word so that this discriminatory practice can be stopped in its roots!

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3 Responses to “CeBit press department discriminates bloggers/online mediums…once again”

  1. This morning, I read four mobile news sites and I could read the same post everywhere :)

    What makes you think that this is discrimination? Is there a difference between this two cards, e. g. that you cannot go to certain places on the CeBit?

  2. Isn’t it their right to let who they want into the show, and tell them where they have access to? After all, it is their show, not yours.

    Every company I know reserves the right to refuse service to anyone they please. And being that it is their company, it’s their right to refuse service if they want to.

    What do you think?

  3. Hi Luke,
    the problem is that their exhibitors pay a LOT of money just for this…and expect as much press as possible…

    Which cannot be achieved if they kill or discriminate web sites…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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