GSPDA’s M70 is a pretty cool phone – but, unfortunately, none of the major accessory retailers stock any products for it. While a screen protector can easily be made by cutting a T3,.. one to size; finding a hard case is more difficult. However, leaving an unnamed abc texte employee alone with my case collection ended with her finding a suitable case for her master(I had it for about a year, but forgot about it):
0a A hard case for the GSPDA M70 0b A hard case for the GSPDA M70

The manufacturer of the case is a small German company known as FreaQs, the case shown in the example above is a SteQzwo for a Treo 680. The case’s color can be customized in wide ranges – the images below show one of the stock colors:
01a A hard case for the GSPDA M70 0ab A hard case for the GSPDA M70

Last but not least, here are two pictures of the M70 in the case:
1a A hard case for the GSPDA M70 1b A hard case for the GSPDA M70

Even though the company currently does not have an English web site(order per email), the price of less than 40€ definitely is a worthwhile investment in keeping your M70 safe!

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