I often post screenshots to help explain what I’m talking about or to illustrate a point I’m trying to make. More than a few times people have asked me how I produced the screenshot to begin with. Either they were unsatisfied with what they were using or they didn’t know what to use at all.

I’ve found a couple of very good utilities and tried many more. The 2 I like best are HRCaptDA 1.85E (freeware) and Screenshot5 (shareware). These are the easiest to use in my opinion, and provide the best functionality. Both take full screen screenshots (including the DIA and the statusbar).

hrcaptdm initial screenHRCaptDA 1.85E is, you guessed it, a Desk Accessory. It can be launched from within any application using a DA launcher, like DALauncher, myKbd, MultiLaunch, MetaDA, ZLauncher, McPhling or anything else that can either assign a DA to a hard key or act as a DA launcher. It has a companion app called HRCaptDM. The DM app supposedly lets you manage the images captured using the DA. Unfortunately, this app crashes my TX if I try to open more than one image with it. You must set the preferences for HRCaptDA with it, but beyond that you can forget about it. I have it setup so it saves all it’s screenshots to my card in .bmp format. This is not great since most forums and the like require either jpg or gif format. To set up storing the images on your card, in the file manager part of this – HrCaptDM – use the drop down menu in the upper right corner to select MS (Memory Stick, but this works for an SD card) instead of CLIE (which puts the file in main memory).

hrcaptdm prefshrcaptdm prefs ms settingsThen use the menu option “Saves to MS Setting…” to choose the format of the image file, ie BMP or BMP 24BIT. After you do this, images will be stored in /Palm/PROGRAMS/HrCapt on the SD card. Now you are good to go! Other than the image viewing causing crashes on my TX , it works very well. I just don’t use the DM app to do anything other than set the preferences.

You can get HRCapt from this Japanese URL, just click on the link at the top of the page – it downloads the english version:


screenshot initial screenScreenShot5 is a shareware app from LinkeSoft. You can configure it to launch from any hard button and you can configure a delay time as well. One can also set it to auto repeat every set number of seconds , beep on taking a screenshot, take fullscreen or not (DIA and statusbar included or not). You can easily view your captures from within the app and export them to your card with a base name. You can also choose the format you wish to export in (jpg, bmp, gif), and the directory on your card to which you wish to export. For instance, if you have 3 images and use the base name “test” and export as jpg, your card will contain test.jpg, test0000.jpg, test0002.jpg. If you have already used that base name, it starts numbering from where it left off.


screenshot5 export format dropdownscreenshot5 export dialog

Previous screen shots were all taken with Screenshot in fullscreen mode, the one on the right was

screenshot5 not fullscreen

taken with the fullscreen box unchecked (Notice that it doesn’t show the DIA and statusbar):

You can get ScreenShot5 from LinkeSoft for $15 USD here:




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8 Responses to “Screen capture Utilities”

  1. I use the free ZGrab, which makes very small pcx screenshot files on your SD. It works with the powerbutton, so all other buttons and functions stay enabled.

  2. Gerard,

    I looked at ZGrab and although it is a good app – ended up discarding it. IMO pcx is a worse format than bmp, and jpg is the best, at least when we are talking screenshots that you want to post in a forum or on a website. The benefit of HRCaptDA is that it doesn’t use any buttons, because it is a DA – you just need a DA launcher – which I assign to a button, or use mykbd to create a macro and assign it to a macro key in the DIA.

    In the end it depends on the users likes and dislikes.

  3. Hi,
    being honest, I am a big freak of the bmp format for flexibility reasons – it allows me to make whatever I want from the raw data!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  4. Hi Tam,

    As I said my problem is not with the bmp format per se, but the fact that most forums where you would post screenshots require jpg or sometimes gif. This adds an extra step of conversion if you use a utility such as HRCaptDA versus ScreenShot5.

  5. Hi,
    well – since I mostly do reviews, this isnt so much an issue for me…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  6. I prefer HRCaptDA or ScreenDumpDA, and am not bothered by the extra step of converting to a different format. Then again, I usually just use Easy Graphics Converter, and convert a whole ton of screenshots with a couple clicks ;)

  7. Hi Brent,

    I switch off between HRCaptDA and Screenshot5. When I do use HRCaptDA I use ACDSee to do my conversions which also converts all captures in one click. I have found the biggest benefit, other than not having to convert, of SS5 is the ability to preview your screenshots. Unfortunatly, HRCaptDM does not work well on my TX.

  8. I found a distribution copy of HrCaptDA. I installed the DA (HRCaptE.prc), which captures the screenshot. I also installed HRCaptDM_E.prc, which is a full Palm application that allows you to view the image you capture. The menu displays in this are rather erratic, writing over parts of themselves and being impossible to read. But I was able to see the captured screenshots with it. I haven’t figured out what’s next, and the directions I have aren’t very helpful.

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