vfsusage root graphicalI was scrolling through some freeware apps and came upon this gem. Have you ever wondered what was taking up all that space on your card? This app creates a graphical representation of your card which is dynamic (in that you can tap on any section and it zooms in (give it a few seconds to redraw the screen).

You can toggle between the graphical view and a files listing that shows the size of each file and the percent of the card taken up by the file.


vfsusage root-palm-programs listThe toggle changes from a list graphic in the graphical view to a pie graphic in the list view. When you are in the graphical view and tap a section you zoom into that section and percentages change to be of that section only (instead of a percent of the whole card), while the section percent changes to 100%.


For example if you change from the root directory view in the first screenshot to the root->palm view to the palm->programs view and then to the palm->programs->powerrun view, the screenshots from my card look like this:


vfsusage root graphicalvfsusage root-palm graphicalvfsusage root-palm-programs graphicalvfsusage root-palm-programs-powerrun graphical

You can also display the freespace you have on your card by going to preferences and asking it to show free space:

vfsusage with freespace graphical





VFSUsage is a handy tool to see where the clutter is and clean up your card. It is very similar to the PC utility Sequoia, but is more versatile. You can get it from the freeware section of www.1src.com, or the direct URL is:


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2 Responses to “VFSUsage – A graphical view of your card”

  1. Hi,

    Reminds me a lot of http://w3.win.tue.nl/nl/onderzoek/onderzoek_informatica/visualization/sequoiaview/

    I was going to do something like this a while back, it’s a really wonderfully zen effect…

  2. oh lol, just saw that you mentioned sequioa…
    /me heads to bed, darnit….


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