OpenMoko running on a Treo 650Zefanja, a member of the German Palm forum, has published a blog entry where he posted some screenshots of his Treo 650 running OpenMoko, a mobile Linux GUI.

OpenMoko is a Linux GUI for mobile phones. It is pre-installed on the Neo1973 smartphone, but it also runs on a lot of other smartphones which support Linux, for example Palm or Pocket PC phones.

This has also been tried in July 2007 on another Treo 650, and it also runs on the Palm TX. Among this GUI, there are also some others, including GPE and OPIE. These two also run on almost all Palm OS 5 PDAs and users report that they are much faster than OpenMoko.

You can find information about OpenMoko on their project site.

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2 Responses to “OpenMoko running on a Treo 650”

  1. I presume that it runs off of the SD card and needs to be launched after the TX is booted in PalmOS.

  2. I have a Pocket PC. I been looking for a different running system for my phone because windows keeps having problems but I will take a look at the site and give it a try….

    Thank You

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