Frequent TamsPalm readers will definitely be familiar with Group Sense’s latest products(M70 and M70s) – a friendly Palm User Meeting visitor allowed me to take a few shows of one of the predecessor models. Here comes…the GSPDA M28:
0a A quick look at the GSPDA M28

First of all, the M28 is a “slider”-type phone. The bottom must be slid down in order to expose the (rather small but usable) keyboard:
1a A quick look at the GSPDA M28

Specs-wise, the two devices are very similar. However, the M70 has Bluetooth and some sort of NVFS – two features missing on the M28:
2a A quick look at the GSPDA M28

Last but not least, here’s a picture of the devices shipment box. The M28’s hardware bundle is said to contain an extra charger for spare batteries – an accessory missing from the M70’s bundle.
3a A quick look at the GSPDA M28

In the end, the GSPDA M28 was a kickass phone when it originally hit the market. It is a real pity that GSPDA’s devices aren’t known to more customers outside of Hong Kong. However, today, the M70 offers significantly better value…

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