In the last years, Handango has grown to become the dominant ESD – in fact, the folks felt strong enough to do an insane price hike recently(which will probably reduce their importance significantly). Their Yardstick reports have always provided an interesting insight into the mobile software market – here’s my take on the 2007-yardstick.

First of all, let’s look at the number of new applications/software houses added. Symbian has dominated the list, the Palm OS grew the slowest(suffering significantly from last year):
atadded The Handango Yardstick 2007
anewfirms The Handango Yardstick 2007

The average application price and order size have both decreased slightly – which is interesting, as I predict the recent rate hike to increase prices significantly:
avgprice The Handango Yardstick 2007
avgo The Handango Yardstick 2007

From a top-seller point of view, SPB’s domination of the PocketPC market has not changed – in fact, SPB now has of the top-ten titles coming from its portfolio. Other platforms show a more balanced app/house ratio, although games are notably absent from the top-ten lists this year(except for a few casual-gamer exceptions):

allplat The Handango Yardstick 2007

Palm OS
palmplat The Handango Yardstick 2007
1. PocketMirror Std. (Outlook synchronization) – $29.95
2. Agendus Professional Edition (PIM enhancement) – $39.95
3. SplashID (information security) – $29.95
4. Ringo Pro (ringtone player) – $29.95
5. Agendus Premier Edition (Outlook synchronization) – $59.95
6. Snap (data entry tool) – $9.95
7. Agendus Desktop Edition (Outlook synchronization) – $39.95
8. Diet & Exercise Assistant (_tness assistant) – $24.95
9. PocketMirror Std. Upgrade (Outlook synchronization) – $19.95
10. SplashWallet Suite (personal ID manager) – $59.95

ppcplat The Handango Yardstick 2007
1. Spb Pocket Plus (today screen plug in) – $29.95
2. Spb Mobile Shell (today screen plug in) – $29.95
3. Pocket Informant 8 (today screen plug in) – $29.95
4. MobiTV (streaming television) – $9.99
5. SPB Backup – $19.95
6. MIcrosoft Voice Command (voice control) – $39.9Microsoft 39.99
7. Spb Diary (today screen plug in) – $19.95
8. Spb Time (clock) – $14.95
9. Spb Phone Suite (phone features) – 19.95
10. Spb Brain Evolution (brain trainer) – $19.95

Windows Mobile® Standard
wmsplat The Handango Yardstick 2007
1. Ringtone Megaplex (ringtone library) – $19.95
2. SBSH Facade (home screen plug in) – $14.95
3. MobiTV (streaming television) – $9.99
4. HandiTV (streaming television) – $24.95
5. Fizz Weather (weather monitor) – $16.95
6. SmartphoneNotes (note manager) – $17.95
7. Agendus Standard Edition (calendar manager) – $19.95
8. Agenda One (calendar manager) – $29.95
9. PocketStreamer Deluxe (streaming media) – $24.95
10. IM+ (instant messenger consolidator) – $29.95

s60plat The Handango Yardstick 2007
1. SBSH Papyrus (time manager) – $19.95
2. Handy Calendar for S60 (calendar manager) – $39.95
3. LCG Jukebox (music player) – $24.99
4. Pro_Mail (email viewer) – $27.99
5. Quickoffice Premier (document manager) – $49.95
6. Handy Weather for S60 (weather monitor) – $19.95
7. Advanced Call Manager (call manager) – $19.99
8. WorldMate Professional (travel assistant) – $69.95
9. Ultimate Voice Recorder (voice recorder) – $14.95
10. IM+ (instant messenger consolidator) – $29.95

From a sales/device perspective, the trend is clear. The adoption of new devices has slowed down somewhat, especially in the established platforms but also in the Symbian space. Interestingly, the Treo 650 still is the single-strongest sales getter. As for application categories, producitivity apps and gaming stuff seem to take the lead this year(see above).

For me, the trends in this yardstick are clear. The established platforms have begun to see market saturation(for PPC, the Palm OS situation should rather be called catastrophic). Windows Mobile Smartphone is currently at a turning point; and Symbian and BlackBerry are growing insanely fast.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “The Handango Yardstick 2007”

  1. Interesting… Thank You, Tam.

  2. Don´t think palm.situation is so bad in respect to new companies or new software, as the platform is around for a long time, the need for new software gets saturated at some point.
    I bet the iPhone/iPODtouch market will explode, now that everyone can start building apps for them and there has been zero competition so far.

  3. Hi,
    it was a pleasure!

    As for iPhone market – I am not sure how many developers will complete and field their apps….

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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