Dmitry Grinberg of PalmPowerups fame has just released his latest application: PowerDrive, a utility that will allow you to use ANY Compact Flash card as a replacement for your MicroDrive.

Ever wanted to use huge CF cards in your LifeDrive? How would you like 4GB of RAM and a 28GB internal drive…? Well now you can…

PowerDrive promises to become an essential tool for any LifeDrive users out there, and Dmitry has stressed that, besides hardware risks (shorts as you remove the microdrive, etc) the software is completely safe.

As I’ve not got a lifedrive, or a card for testing, this isn’t a review so much as a public service announcement. :-D

Feel free to browse the readme.

PowerDrive is available from the PalmPowerups store.

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7 Responses to “PowerDrive — Give your LifeDrive a Few Extra Gigs”

  1. I have two LifeDrives and will buy and test this app as soon as I have bought a large CF-card :)

  2. Hi,
    any news from anyone?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. My MicroDrive is dead so I cant get the PalmOS from it can someone please send it to me [email removed by Admin]

  4. I noticed since I put my E-mail on this public site ive gotten tons of spam could you edit it out or delete it

  5. Hi,

    Done! As for the dead microdrive I will forward you to Dmitry. :)


  6. My trial has been a disaster.
    2 Lifedrive down, it is enough for me.
    You can try powedrive at your own risk!


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