The following ad banner has recently popped up on CNet:
 Treo 650 spotted in SlingBox ad

So much about the Treo 650 being dead…

P.S. Anyone managed to get the SlingPlayer running on a Treo 650? Is the GPRS data link fast enough?
P.S.2 The Sling web site doesn’t list the 650 as a compatible device…

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3 Responses to “Treo 650 spotted in SlingBox ad”

  1. It will work on a Treo 700p just fine so I would think it probably would work on a 650 as well. Unless it checks for the device version, it should work otherwise you might need to use a hack to make it think it’s a Treo 700p or something.

    My experience with it is that it will work with very limited bandwidth. It won’t work well. It might not be all that watchable. GPRS should be enough to get you at least semi-continuous sound and maybe a frame every second or two, possibly a little better.

    Don’t expect it to be very watchable though.

  2. From what I understand, even though they’re not officially supported, SlingPlayer mobile works on any 5.4.9 device. I have it running on my TX and I’ve heard of a few people running it on a Treo 650

  3. Hi Folks,
    this is exactly what I meant…they advertise with stuff that no one will actually be able to use…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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