The folks at BrightHand’s have managed to get an official statement from Sprint’s – the 755p is not discontinued (yet):

The Treo 755p continues to be a strong product offering in Sprint’s lineup of Palm products which also includes the Centro and the Treo 700wx. Sprint has not discontinued the Treo 755p from its smartphone portfolio, however, we are currently addressing temporary outage of inventory which is why the handset is not currently featured as part of our online store at Sprint plans to continue offering these handsets and investing in new Palm products throughout 2008.

TreoCentral goes on to state that Sprint has had inventory problems – this could mean either insane popularity of shipment errors in Palm’s manufacturing process.

Anyways, responding to reader comments about Treo 680/755 vs Centro: folks, it is not a matter of going slimmer, less heavy, etc. For me, a device must have a minimum size to be used comfortably – too small a keyboard makes typing a pain in the neck. This is why Palm’s Treos have shrunken so slowly – in fact, most BlackBerry’s are as wide(but less thick).

The Centro is a device that appeals to casual users(irregardless if they purchase them or get them from corp IT) – people looking for a serious business device will look at another manufacturer’s (bigger) offerings…and this is where developer’s come into the equation.

Casual users do purchase software – but not the kind of software TamsPalm is writing about. They go for cheap Java games(ah, sorry, Palm hasn’t got a Java VM anymore); love heart indicators and flashy logos – stuff that established companies aren’t very much into…

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2 Responses to “Sprint not discontinuing the Treo 755p – landslide contained(for now)”

  1. Hi Tam,

    I think you’re going a little overboard with this doom and gloom stuff. You were quick to jump to conclusions, and not so quick to admit you did it.

    I don’t like reading stuff that’s so pessimistic.


  2. Hi Luke,
    I am very sorry for the fluke…

    However, if the story would have been as stated, it would have had catastrophic consequences.

    Anyways, I apologize once again!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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