Action-loaded 3d tank combat in the pocket of your hand…sounds like a perfect time waster if done right. RESETgame’s Tank Ace 1944 plans to be exactly this – can it stack up?

The game contains three different campaigns, containing a bunch of missions each:
0a Tank Ace 1944   the review

All missions begin in a terrain map similar to Command&Conquer’s – the map displays the squares currently under combat. A quick tap begins your mission:
1a Tank Ace 1944   the review

The tank can either be controlled with the 5way or via softkeys on the screen:
control Tank Ace 1944   the review

Terrains can be viewed from the top and in a 3d perspective; enemy tanks are rendered in impressive 3d:
2a Tank Ace 1944   the review 2b Tank Ace 1944   the review 2c Tank Ace 1944   the review

Once you actually start driving around, the engine starts to ‘redraw’ the terrain whenever you leave a ’tile’. Since each redraw changes the view angle(and field of visibility), not loosing control is almost impossible. The 1-2sec lags don’t really help the game either:
3a Tank Ace 1944   the review

Even though the developer took an insane effort attempting to create realistic graphics and varying terrain types, the gameplay is lackluster. Most of the time is spent looking for tanks – fighting them is rare:
4a Tank Ace 1944   the review

This review looked at version 1.0 of the game on a Treo 680. Tank Ace needs approx. 750KB of memory and was stable in the testing period.

In the end, Tank Ace delivers its promise of 3d graphics – but at a high price. Finding enemy tanks is extremely hard(radar, anyone). The permanent ‘engine redraws’ happen at the worst possible moments(e.g. in a battle) – furtherly draining the already boring gameplay of fun. The company definitely tried hard – but Tank Ace is one of these games that should be avoided by all non-freaks…

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2 Responses to “Tank Ace 1944 – the review”

  1. Did you try to overclock the app with for exemple PXA Clocker at 507 mhz?

  2. Hi Rui,
    nope – all tests were performed at the stock frequency of 312 MhZ!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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