There are a lot of keyguard replacements for Treo and Centro devices. But what when you want to keep the default keyguard an you just need some more information displayed? Then TopGuardEx or TopSignalOnKeyguard by RNS:: might be the solution!
Both applications enhance the default Treo/Centro keyguard with several information. Using the programs ist very simple.
TopSignalOnKeyguard adds the signal status symbol to the keyguard.

rns0004 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

Installing and configuring is very easy. Just install it via Hotsync etc and run it. It will install itself in the system – enhancing your keyguard from now on.
rns0002 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

If you want, TopSignalOnKeyguard can hide itself from the PalmOS launcher.

rns0003 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

That was it – no other steps are required here.
If you want more information than just the signal status then you need TopGuardEx.
TopGuardEx adds additional items such as Bluetooth state, battery level or a clock.
After installing the software you will find it in the preferences panel. In the settings window you can customize your keyguard.

rns0000 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

Here you can decide what to show. Bluetooth state, phone signal and battery level can be shown at the same time while the clock can only be displayed alone. Clock + Battery e.g. doesn’t work.
So your keyguard can look like this:

rns0001 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

Or like this:

rns 150x150 Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!

In that way you can see the most important information just on power-on. There is no need to switch to the launcher in order to check your system status which is very annoying when you are working in another app. Just switch on your Treo/Centro and voilĂ  – there it is.

If you want to have a look on your own at these applications, just visit the developer’s homepage and get the trial!
The full version costs $4.95 (TopSignalOnKeyboard) and $9.95 (TopGuardEx). You can get it via e.g. Mobihand.

TopSignalOnKeyboard at MobiHand (Download Demo and purchase)
TopGuardEx on (Download Demo and purchase via serveral vendors)

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3 Responses to “Improve your Treo/Centro keyguard!”

  1. Hi!

    KeyguardTime is freeware and shows the time, blue status, infrared status, free memory in ram and on card signal strength, battery status and if the speaker is switched off:,640.html
    (I think you have to register to download).
    You’ve got to disable the treos own keyguard to use this one. Regards, mE

  2. Hi Folks,
    I’ll have a review of another such app ready for you soon!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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