This is just a quick hit to any members of the ACCESS Palm-Dev-Forum subscribed by email.
My inbox has been hit with 500 “new” messages from the palm-dev forum dating back to September 2000.

I suggest that all users who subscribe via email and have a limited inbox* temporarily unsubscribe from email IMMEDIATLY until this issue can be sorted out.

I will do my best to let you know when this issue is fixed (ie, my inbox is done being flooded)

*If you want over six gigabytes of storage, filters and loads of useful crap, get a gmail account ;) ! My GMail is currently automatically archiving the “new” palm-dev forum posts.

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3 Responses to “Urgent PSA: Palm-Dev-Forum sending archived posts to subscribers”

  1. Hehe. BTW, I think users can register at GMail theirself without an invite now.

  2. This is true, consider it fixed :D


  3. Looks like things are go-green again!


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