Stephen Johnson is considered an absolute authority on all things related digital photography – his book scored a rave review on TamsPalm a few months ago. Now, he wrote the foreword for another O’Reilly book with the bold title “The Creative Digital darkroom”: is it as good as his own?
Books 004 The Creative Digital Darkroom   the review Books 003 The Creative Digital Darkroom   the review

Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan divided their book into ten chapters that each look at a typical problem that plagues images. For example, two chapters focus on color, while another takes a detailed look at file management(see the freely available TOC for further info).

Each chapter is subdivided into a few ‘recipes’ that cover specific workflows. Usually, more than one approach is provided for each “topic” – fans of choice will definitely enjoy browsing the book…

Like most O’Reilly books, The Creative Digital Darkroom is well-written and easy to read. The processes are described in extreme detail and focus on Photoshop. Adapting them to GIMP IMHO is possible, although some things take a bit of time to figure out. As for the sample images – they alone make owning this book worthwhile.

In the end, this book is NOT intended for people who want to learn photo editing from zero upwards. Instead, it is a excellent ‘dictionary’ of image editing techniques: if you have a bit of free time and feel like spiffing an image up up, leafing through this tome is likely to uncover a bunch of gems. If you are looking for ‘cookbook/trick tome’ and already know how to handle your image editor, get this by all means. The price of 31$ is acceptable…

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