Last week the iPhone 3G was released to much fanfare. Along with the new 3G speed and features comes the ability to install applications via Apple’s iTunes store and GPS. Why does it seem like I am the only one steamed about the new phone?

Let me start by saying this: I don’t own, nor have I ever used an iPhone or an iPod Touch. My belief is that there is little behind all those fancy interfaces worth playing with. And the kid in my French class wouldn’t let me toy with his.

The phone itself is definitely one of the better phones on the market without a doubt. It’s spawned more carrier rivalry knockoffs than there are brands of LEGO Knockoffs, especially from LG as of late. The device is just plain cool. So why is lil Ryan so hot under the collar?

Two things: The company and the company’s supporters. Yeah, I expect a lot of, er, wonderful comments from you “Apple can do no wrong” people. You’re the ones I’m writing about, so open up and listen for a while. Apple keeps screwing you boys over and over and, for some reason or another, you welcome it with open arms and shouts of praise!

First it came with the initial release of the iPhone and Touch. Apple delivered a solid phone on time but they told developers they would not be able to develop native applications and would have to rely on the device’s webkit based browser, programming in ajax or another web app language. This limited the devices’ usefulness throughout the first “generation” (more on the quotes later) yet very few people seemed to mind, for some reason. Past that, the devices were solid, albeit fairly overpriced, and the blogosphere and geeks alike went mad over the thing, even over the imo gimmicky multitouch interface (I see that being more use on a larger screen, a la the Win7 demoes people have been throwing around)

Then came the price cuts. Within three months of the phone’s monumental release Apple slashed prices by 200$ with much public outcry. The blogosphere was practically up in arms, the major media, even, had something to say on the matter, yet the fanboys were strangely silent. Apple tried to make amends with the mainstream by giving the early adopters a 100$ credit to the Apple store. Why not? It makes Apple look like the saints they seem so keen on portraying themselves as and they still get to keep all the money they made on the deal. All it did was screw over the early adopters who were brave enough to step out.

And now the latest chapter in what I’d like to term iMania (please don’t sue): the shiny new iPhone 3G. Why isn’t anyone mad about this device? Apple’s “first generation” (I am quoting this because I hardly consider sticking a 3G radio in the first iPhone constitutes a generation) iPhone was, lack of third party SDK withstanding, with one notable fault: it ran on AT&T’s slower 2G network rather than their superior 3G network. So, Apple one-upped themselves with the 3G’s ads proclaiming a better-than-iPhone iPhone and light years ahead of the, what, six month old “first generation” iPhone? And, hey, made it even cheaper! 200$ with a two year contract gets you an iPhone 3G. Maybe the 4G will be free… <_< How bout those early adopters, Apple?

And best of all, the world loved it. The 3G is one of the most talked about things on the market. Hell, it completely dwarfed the release of a new colored Centro, also on AT&T. We can blame Palm for picking a bad release date, but isn’t a new color on a nice stable device about as noteworthy as Apple putting the screws to their user base? Am I wrong in thinking there is a problem with how Apple treats their hardcore user base? Should they be able to get away with defecating on the people that made Apple what it is, and get rave reviews for it, no less? Would Palm get even a fraction of the slack Apple’s been cut?

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9 Responses to “Regarding the iPhone 3G”

  1. Not too surprising — remember that the phone companies just love stealing customers without doing anything to keep old customers.

    I must admit that (with the release of the SDK) the iPod Touch comes close to winning me away from Palm…

  2. Some of the comments, I clearly do not agree, which I totally respect. I used the centro when it was first released in Asia. Maybe the version is different from other countries, but the centro is unstable as the T680. Meaning, all the problems that I had in my Treo 680, it was still there on the centro. if one app hangs or you can’t answer your incoming call, you need to remove the battery cover, remove the battery and wait for a minute for it to boot (quite an improvement from the T680′s 90 second boot-up). This is the reason why I sold my centro after 3 months.

    The iPhone is not the best phone around, but what it was made for, it does it better than any other phone.

    Early adopters know that they are paying a premium price for being the 1st to have the device. The consequence may be paying more for the device/service, encountering bugs that was not identified before production, or something else.

    I believe Apple tries to do its best to make the customer happy. And its not afraid to take responsibility for those unpopular moves (eg. $200 price drop, forcing developers web apps, making the iPhone 3G $200, etc) and make ammends to its customers in the soonest time possible. Where else do you see a company react as fast as Apple for this kind of issues? HTC? Nokia? SonyEricsson? We have to give apple credit for those quick reactions. Unlike other companies (..cough.. cough.. Palm.. cough… 700P.. cough) which basically just ignores you in hope that you’ll be dumb enough to buy their new product (ahem.. that’s me ^_^).

    Apple may have been screwing its customers, but at least they’re making them happy. Everybody has the right to not use Apple if they believe they are unfair to them. This is not just for apple, but also for all other companies that provide products and services to consumers.

  3. Geez Ryan, you sound so… threatened!

    C’mon, a handset in a different colour is an event? I expect Palm were grateful to the 3G for helping them bury the release – if you think a blue paint job is going to save Palm, they should offer you a job!

  4. Hi,
    the fact that Palm is going down is not something that should be debated here as there IMHO is no more debate possible here.

    Ryan IMHO wanted to state that the iPhone’s success is due to its fan base mostly…which is something I will cover another day soon…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  5. I tried the move from clie TH55 to iphone (one week now). I must say some things are really great about the iphone, others suck. The great things you can read in the press…what sucks is this: no marking-copy/paste. I didn´t think this function could be lacking on a “smart” phone, but voila…iphone can. And the other thing is, that you can´t save every attachment (only supported types). A file-explorer is also missing, but I saw some apps that will cover the last mentioned “flaw”. I guess with time hacks and apps will start to mend these shortcomings…and breaking habits isn´t easy…I have been with palm since palm OS 2 :-) (and will keep the clie as my data-vault).

  6. Hi folks,
    Thanks for talking back, everyone!
    >I must admit that (with the release of the
    >SDK) the iPod Touch comes close to winning me
    >away from Palm…
    Even with that SDK, Touch developers still have to pay royalties to Apple, which will cut freeware titles to nil, and given that all apps are required to be digitally signed F/OSS is basically dead.

    >Where else do you see a company react as fast
    >as Apple for this kind of issues? HTC? Nokia?
    >SonyEricsson? We have to give apple credit
    >for those quick reactions.
    Aye, imagine the fallout if Palm had put out an iPhone and stuck the EDGE radio into it first gen and locked it to, say, sprint… Should we give Apple credit for fixing these painfully obvious blunders and rereleasing as “2nd generation”?

    >C’mon, a handset in a different colour is an
    And a 99% hardware identical handset with a different radio is?

    >the fact that Palm is going down is not
    >something that should be debated here as
    >there IMHO is no more debate possible here.
    So why are we here then Tam? You obviously feel that Palm is going to be here long enough to make this blag popular or you’d not be paying brainsware oodles of money to host. ;-)
    >I guess with time hacks and apps will start
    >to mend these shortcomings…
    Will Apple ever let an application that circumvents their OS and closed-ness into the Apple store? IMO Not.
    According to Apple F/OSS is dead; and we bash M$ for that?
    While it’s full of all the typical FSF propaganda spewing (of which, besides the tone, I agree with) here are a few arguments against the iPhone by one of the biggest Free software advocates (sic)


  7. Hooray :) Finally got that comment off ;D

  8. Hi Ryan,
    the Palm market definitely won’t deteriorate today or tomorrow…24mo contracts will avoid that. But the trend points downwards ;) .

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  9. Hi,

    well, I suppose I better start saving up for that AT&T contract… ;P


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