I recently ran into an issue while adding bitmaps to a new Tamoggemon app. I created the bitmap resources in Resource Editor, and then edited the bitmap files with GIMP 2.4.

This resulted in total mayhem: the colors of the bitmaps appeared heavily distorted and were completely unusable. After a few hours of tinkering, I found out that the problem is due to the Palm OS tools needing a very special and pretty obscure bitmap format.

Even though converters are available, most of them aren’t cheap – thus, I set out to find another way. Follow the steps below and you’ll have perfect bitmaps in a jiffy:

Export the xrd file as a (temporary) 24bit BMP file onto your desktop. Do NOT allow GIMP to write into the file hyperlinked from the resource HTML file.

Then, open the resource HTML file in the resource editor. Open the bitmap that you wish to “edit”, and click Import. Pick the temporary file created before and “import” the data. Voila – it works. You can now delete the temporary bitmap…

The reason why I ****** up was that I used GIMP to directly edit the bitmaps as referenced by the resource HTML file. Once again – do NOT edit the bitmaps in the /rsc folders with anything except the PalmSource XRD editor!

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