Palm’s PDA’s are now more than three years old, and no updates are in sight. As August traditionally is the time of blowout sales, quite a few units may be moved soon. Ryan Kairer’s team traditionally has had excellent links to Best Buy – let’s look at their offers:

First of all, Palm’s PDA’s are discounted a bit. The Z22 can be had for 90$, the TX goes for 255$ without any extra accessoires.

Treo-wise, little is offered. However, Centros can be had for their ‘list prices’ or – under some curcumstances – for just 50$ with a 2yr contract.

As usual, no warranties can be given on stock and effectivity: some stores can always run out of stock or choose to stick to the regular pricing…

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2 Responses to “Best Buy sale: deals on Palm stuff”

  1. When Palm makes the news these days, they’re always described as a “smart phone maker”. The PDA business is dead: everybody has a cell phone, and people don’t want to carry two devices. There will be no more Palm PDAs. Sad, but true.

  2. Hi Isaac,
    to be honest: I really like my Treo…and wouldn’t mind a TX with a cell phone inside either.

    A smartphone can be a PDA as well…it just depends on the form factor. Look at the WM boxen for a few excellent examples of this in action…

    all the best
    Tam Hanna

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