0 Palm releases Now you know Centro bookletThe image on the left shows the cover of Palm’s latest addition to its “Now you know” series of booklets that have replaced printed manuals over the last few years.

Amazon has just started peddling the latest version of the book (aimed at Palm Centro owners) for 14$, which is 6$ below the list price.

The book’s description immediately shows that this probably isn’t intended for the average TamsPalm reader – even though people who receive a Centro as a gift are likely to appreciate the booklet:

The brand new Centro is a full-featured Palm Smartphone designed to target the consumer and youth digital lifestyle market. Palm Centro gives the user voice, text, IM, email and web, in one, small, convenient package. The Centro has a color touchscreen and a full keyboard, so users can say goodbye to those tricky keys on their cell phone. Look up maps and directions on Google Maps, shoot photos and video, meet up with friends on MySpace, check out photos on Flickr, this new smartphone can do almost anything, and this unique, full-color book documents it all with at-aglance tips, tutorials, and techniques. This pocket-sized and portable guide comes jam-packed with new things you can do on your Centro that are not disclosed in the PDF manuals. Master one topic quickly and easily and then move on to the next because everything is a one-to-five minute tip or technique. Now You Know Centro is meant to be fast and simple, allowing you to practice on your handheld while you read. You’ll learn about the wireless capabilities, e-mail, media and streaming media, accessories, productivity, and more. In minutes, you can watch your skills improve and use what you learn immediately. Now You Know Centro is designed for immediate gratification, not for hour-long reads, the exact way you use your smartphone.

Should anyone of you feel like it, hit the link above!

P.S. If you need other books to get the order volume above 25$ – just look at our book reviews section!

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