Developers have now received their money, the non-payment alert can be revoked. The store has been taken over by MobiHand.

A MyTreo executive has responded to this article – his response can be found at the URL below:

Longterm Palm OS developers are experienced to ESD bank busts and the associated consequences – after all, the now-”defunct” PalmGear had a similar problem some years ago.

We have received reports indicating that the ESD does not pay its royalties for quite some time, and now – finally – have a developer willing to stand up and tell us about his experiences. Let’s look at what Anastassiya from Mobile-Stream has to say(highlighting my /me):

I represent Mobile Stream, we are a Developer Partner of – an online software reseller.
They have not paid our royalties for more than a year.

I have been e-mailing them for four months and the only thing I got was the royalty report (so they admit they owe money to us, but simply do not pay) and promises like “soon”, “this week”.
But no wire-transfers have been made yet.

The same has happend to at least one another non-USA Windows Mobile/Palm developer – Deluxeware ( .
They have not received their royalty payments from

Many other developers from Palm Entrepreneurs Forum also complained about spotty payments, some of them managed eventually to get their royalties, others – did not.

The only person who handles accounting is Tadd Rosenfeld, all other employees can only forward e-mail requests to him. The last e-mail I got from Tadd Rosenfeld was from June 6th, where he promised to pay “that week”. Almost two months passed, nothing was done, no other e-mails to him (sent personally to him or forwarded through other employees) have been answered.

Even though I am very hesitant when it comes to posting accusations against other analyst colleagues, this IMHO can be interpreted in only one way. The folks at MyTreo’s have determined that forced debt collection is extremely difficult when having to do so over continental borders…and now play this trump card.

They can either pay the money in a belated fashion, or not pay it out at all – I am sure that most developers can/will not be able to have their debt encashed by force.

In the end, the best thing that developers can do is retract their applications from MyTreo and get in touch with an attorney/lawyer…

P.S. A copy of this article has been forwarded to MyTreo – please stay tuned for the unlikely event of us receiving a response!

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5 Responses to “ – ESD non-payment alert”

  1. Just FYI to all those reading this article, for more information on the issue, check out are reportedly withholding thousands of dollars from at least 3 developers I am aware of (and they tell me they know more as well).

    MobileStream has tried creating a forum post at, though they immediately closed it and deleted it.

    Oh, and Software Supplier Agreement states that “MTDN Holdings shall pay Developer at the end of each calendar month for all amounts owed to Developer with respect to Software sales during the previous calendar month,” so not paying MobileStream and other developers, for over a year’s time now, would be a direct break of that agreement. Thus why MobileStream has contacted a lawyer (though still hopes it can be resolved without a lawyer).

  2. I have received the most significant part of my royalty payments.
    The remaining small part will be paid a little later when a full breakdown of the latest months royalties is ready.

    The issue is resolved.

  3. Hi,
    thank you so much for talking back!


  4. Oh, again did not keep their promises.
    They promised to send the final payment break-down within two weeks (it was stated in a newsletter sent to all developers), now more than a month passed and still nothing – no final breakdown, no final payments.
    My e-mails again remain unanswered.
    In the past I believed their promises and closed/removed my forum posts, but they seem to have abused my trust.


    Here is a new thread.
    It mentions that even Associated Developers (VoiceIt Technologies, for example) are not get paid.

    It is very sad that I believed them and deleted my previous complaints on the forums.

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