The folks at BrightHand’s have managed to somehow generate stats that show which devices stir up the most “user activity” – their results are posted once a month and usually provide pretty interesting reading.

When looking at the chart, we see Apple, Windows Mobile and PalmOS powered devices and a dumbphone. the Palm TX managed to get back into the list, while the HTC Mogul, Nokia N96 and the ipaq 110 flew out:
 BrightHand releases mind share stats for July

Here’s the exact ranking:

  1. HTC Touch Diamond
  2. iPhone 3G
  3. HTC Touch
  4. ipaq 210
  5. HTC Touch Pro
  6. Samsung Instinct
  7. Xperia X1
  8. Palm Centro
  9. iPod touch
  10. Palm TX

In case you feel like comparing it to last month’s mind share rankings – please use this link!

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