Like every first Thursday, the PUG Vienna met tonight. Don’t ask why, but I found the time to attend. Due to our recent theft problems and a kleptomaniac member (whose identity will not be disclosed to protect the fat and stupid), everyone brought reduced amounts of hardware…but we managed a pretty impressive show nevertheless…

Fortte cases
Fortte’s customizable cases were passed around and demoed – even though the colors weren’t too popular, the general idea of customizable cases managed to raise heads and got people talking…
0a The PUG Vienna met today

iPhone 3G
Herwig has always been our resident Apple nut…he unsurprisingly got himself an iPhone 3G:
1a The PUG Vienna met today

Cutting a long story short: he is extremely dissatisfied. The machine had to be replaced two times due to software issues, and T-Mobile’s support is lackluster at best. However, the motion sensor can be used for some truly innovative things…like an app that simulates beer:
2a The PUG Vienna met today

JayBird headset
JayBird’s excellent bluetooth headset was passed around – people were very impressed with it. Trial versions of Softick Audio Gateway were provided to interested third parties via Bluetooth…

Sony Clie TH55
Alexander (our organizer) tugged along a Sony Clie TH55 he purchased recently:
3a The PUG Vienna met today 3b The PUG Vienna met today

The device was passed around and caused a stream of nostalgia:
4a The PUG Vienna met today

In the end, the downward trend of the PUG has stopped somewhat – 5 people wasn’t the top number, but wasn’t too low either.

How is the turn-up at your PUG?

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2 Responses to “The PUG Vienna met today”

  1. TH55…nostalgia? I used mine until two weeks ago, when it was finally replaced by an iPhone (which works fine…perhaps Herwig had a “monday´s device?”…you know people are less enthusiastic at work on mondays and quality goes down), which can be put to more uses than drinking beer ;-)

  2. Hi CroCo,
    to be honest: din’t ask me what problems some folks have with the iPhone 3G. But I never liked these devices too much anyways…happy with my Treo!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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