The folks at Engadget’s have taken a stab at Palm last year, citing various issues inside the company. Back then, Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan responded and promised improvements. One year has since passed, and the parting chief editor of the site now took the time to sum up.

Amusingly, Ryan Block agrees with my verdict on the Palm Centro (Palm Centro review), and considers the keyboard and the screen way too small.

Palm OS II aka NoVa has also been a topic – the lack of progress has made the Engadget team recommend Palm to give up its OS exclusivity and start building Android devices(!!!)…

In the end, Ryan doesn’t feel too well about the future of the company. Even though the Centro currently sells very well, he feels that the gains will be “short-term” => the long-time strategy and Ed Colligan’s way of handling the media hasn’t improved too much.

Get the full scoop here:

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