I consider Resco News the best news reader for mobile devices and have used the Palm and S60 versions ever since they were released internally at Resco’s.
1a Resco News updated to version 2.40

Jan Slodicka has just informed us that the program has been updated to v2.40, which is a free upgrade for everybody owning v2 of the program.

Version 2.40 has received the following upgrades:
Offline article download

  • Articles have new download icon – an arrow oriented downwards. (Shortcut ‘d’ works as well.) By pressing this icon the full article is downloaded into the cache and the icon color changes.
  • Next press of the download icon opens the local copy of the article.
  • To download multiple articles press their download icons. (Even if the download is in progress.)
  • Offline articles are downloaded into the image cache. (Note that once the cache gets filled, the oldest items – images or full articles – will be discarded.)
  • Use Cache Options to suppress or allow the download of images belonging to the article.
  • If you want to open original web article, use the classic way – the application menu.
  • The download always uses the skweezer compression: This compression is efficient – substantially reduces the download size.
  • The results are mostly satisfactory – usually better than the display of the original article.
  • Google compression could not be used as it subdivides the page download into multiple sub-pages.

Other news

  • Centro compatibility
  • Possibility to schedule with 1 minute resolution.
  • Web compression: Skweezer stopped working because of the URL change. v2.40 uses the new URL.

A free 14-day trial can be downloaded at Resco’s web site!

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