The Treo 650 is now four years old – if you use your device every day the default casing may get scratches e.g. at the back. Even if your Treo looks brand new you might be interested in this:
Changing the default silver case to a better looking, more modern black one!
After the transformation your 650 will look like this:
100 2266 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

All you need is the Treo 650 replacement housing from Brando, a Torx T5 screwdriver, time, and a few skills for disassembling the device (don’t worry – it isn’t that hard).
The replacement housing consists of several parts like the front/back cover, a new keyboard keypad (US-Layout), a new antenna etc.
100 2228 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

At first shutdown the Treo’s phone, remove the battery, the SD card, the stylus and the SIM card.
Disassembling the Treo is easy: unscrew the screws on the back (don’t forget the two screws under the antenna – you have to remove the rubber pieces before)
100 2231 ed 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

Then remove the antenna and open the case carefully. Now you should have something like this:
100 2233 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

Take the original (back-) case and move evertything to the replacement case (only if it isn’t there already) – that shouldn’t be that difficult.
100 2234 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!
(left: old case; right: new case)

Next we prepare the front cover:
Disassemble it carefully and remove the screws which press the electric board onto the orignial keys in the original case. Then apply the new keyboard into the new housing. Attention: If you have a non-US-layout you can use your old keypads as well (so did I as I’m having a german keyboard layout)! Make sure that all keys fit well into their holes. In the next step you can apply the board from the old case onto the new one.
100 2237 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!
(you can see the electric board attached on the right part (the white thingy under the screen))

Now put the device back together. Before you close the case completely check the keyboard and all other buttons again. It might be that some keys moved or can’t be pressed down completely. If everything is correct install the antenna, close the case and fasten the screws.
Insert the SD card, the stylus, and put the battery back in. Don’t forget to exchange your SIM cards – but be careful: the replacement SIM car holder sat very, very firmly in my Treo so that I couldn’t remove it with out opening the device again. So I decided not to exchange my SIM card holder.
After all your Treo should look like this:
100 2243 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit! 100 2245 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit! 100 2246 266x200 Give your Treo a completely new outfit!

Before you are finished you should test if your Treo behaves normal:
Power it up, turn on the phone (to test the antenna) and open a memopad and test the keyboard if all keys are working. To test the speaker and the microphone you can phone somebody or you can record a voicememo and play it over the speaker. And finally don’t forget the camera!
If everything is OK you have got a brand new, very good looking Treo 650!

To mod your Treo you need the Treo 650 replacement housing. It is available at Brando for 42$.

The Brando Treo 650 replacement housing at

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