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logogif Tamoggemon FileFind 4 released

This program is one of the core applications I use on my Treo. Finding texts on my memory card now takes seconds rather than hours! – Hubert Reinisch, FileFind user

Tamoggemon Software’s FileFind is the only program that can search for files on the memory card of a Palm OS – powered device. Search criteria can consist of file names, contents, file dates, file sizes and a variety of other attributes.
0a Tamoggemon FileFind 4 released

Dozens of customers have provided us with valuable feedback which paved the way to a better FileFind experience. Call awareness has made searching painless as incoming calls are no longer discarded, while a variety of folder search options allows faster searches if the exact location of a file is known.

Folder search
FileFind can now search for folders that bear a specific name. Furthermore, searches can be restricted to files in the parent folder for blazingly-fast searching.

Call awareness
Ever got called while searching for files? FileFind now checks in the background if a call is pending. Should a call come in while searching, the program will automatically stop the search process and allows you to take your call!

Centro compatibility
FileFind has been tested and works perfectly on all Centros.
CENTRO Tamoggemon FileFind 4 released

Available from MobiHand&PocketGear
In an attempt to give customers more options, a full version of FileFind can now be purchased from both MobiHand and PocketGear. As an act of courtesy to the customer, Tamoggemon Software will charge the same price across all distribution channels independent of the revenue share.

A free 30day trial of FileFind is available from http://www.palmfilefind.com. A full version of the program costs 9.95 and includes free updates for the lifetime of the product.

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3 Responses to “Tamoggemon FileFind 4 released”

  1. I can’t believe this application is up to version 4 despite lacking a really essential function: the ability to do something with the search results!

    How about being able to copy the file paths to clipboard or exporting results to memo?


  2. Hi JAG,
    rest assured – v5 can do all of that :)

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  3. Tam, is v5 available yet?

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