The folks at Asus once were a very good hardware manufacturer. Their motherboards enjoyed fame among overclockers, power users and OEM’s alike due to their excellent stability, durability and longevity. Unfortunately, this eventually changed with the delivery and success of the eeePC…one could say that the success went to the head of each and every Asus employee/contractor except for Lars Schweden (who recently left to LG).

The company no longer provides press samples in a manageable fashion, and silently reduced the battery capacity of its eeePC devices without informing customers about it. Now, however, neglicgence/hybris have reached a completely new level!

Purchasers of ASUS laptops have found various “goodies” on the recovery CD’s that shipped with their laptops. We aren’t talking about gimmicks here, but rather about:

* A directory called “Crack” that appears to contain serial numbers for other software packages

* A directory containing a large number of confidential Microsoft documents for PC manufacturers, including associated keys and program files

* Various internal Asus documents and source code for Asus software

One of the confidential Asus documents includes a PowerPoint presentation that details “major problems” identified by the company, including application compatibility issues.

It IMHO is very difficult to explain how something as stupid as this can happen. Not only does a huge company use cracks (I hope that somebody publishes a list of the affected applications so that their owners can sue), but they actually are too lazy to check the recovery CD’s before shipping them out to customers.

For me, all of this speaks a clear language: keep your fingers off whatever box the folks at ASUS’s may spit out. Even though their stuff may be dirt cheap, it is likely to bite you in the long run…

via PCpro

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2 Responses to “ASUS negligence – or – Why I don’t do business with ASUS”

  1. sh*t happens, I would call it lack of quality control rather than plain negligence, it wasn’t on purpose, I bet that this is the fault of some employee that happened to be in charge of the recovery CDs, it is not the company fault and doesn’t mean that asus uses pirated software in house nor that it promotes it. if some of its employees use pirated software, what they should have done is to detect the guy. however not checking the disks prior the shipping is indeed something quite serious.

    This pice of news has gotten in to /. as usual some of the comments were amazingly (score 5: interesting)

    there were also some comment about the intro windows xp video, some tags on it indicated that it was made with a cracked version of sound forge, that is a bit more alarming, its a b.i.g company using cracked software to make parts of their products.

    still.. MSI ftw!

  2. Hi zub,
    thank you so much for your email!

    The reason why I don’t do business is not just this screw-up. The company has a long history of borking up, being customer unfriendly,…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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