Palm’s Card Info application has always served new Palm owners well: they used it to check the free space on their memory card until they got their first file manager (or directly switched to Resco Explorer).
0 On the Card Info app

Unfortunately, the release of PowerSDHC marks the end of its useful life. The program is heavily flawed and does not work well with cards that are over 4GB in size. Inserting a 8GB card into a Palm OS device running PowerSDHC and running Card Info leads to borked-up display – the program displays a maximum card size of 4GB.

Even though this is completely insignificant (the handheld can use the full space), it could give some of you a start – which is why I post this here…

P.S: An updated Card Info application is available from Dmitry Grinberg!

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3 Responses to “On the Card Info app”

  1. Are you talking about Dmitry’s CardSize patch? Or did he make a whole new card info application?

  2. I always thought that the whole Palm OS and thus all applications had problems with bigger cards?

  3. the os routines that check free/used size have a problem. My CardSize app does it differently.

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