Nowadays one can’t have enough memory: Wikipedia, TomTom, music, videos – everything is eating a lot of memory. A 2GB or 4GB SD card is not enough for these requirements. What you need is more storage.
Now it is possible to have up to 32GB (external) storage which should be enough for most users!
All you need is a SDHC card an the new SDHC driver by Dmitry Grinberg.
Installing the driver is pretty easy: just install it on your device and run it once – thats it.
I tested the driver on a TX, T5 and Zire72 with a 8GB Transcend SDHC card. On every device the driver worked without problems. Just the filesystem of the card caused problems on the T5 and Zire72 as it was formatted with FAT32 which couldn’t be read by those devices natively. The issue can be solved by installing a FAT32 driver which can be downloaded from Dmitry’s site:
In addition the default card info application will report wrong values for cards greater than 4GB. You’ll need the application ‘CardSize’ from the link above to get correct values.
The write and reading speed with the SDHC driver is faster than with the Palm drivers (according to the benchmark – however you won’t notice it in practice).
Have a look at these two benchmarks:
cardspeed sdc 6b100c076b1 129x200 Not enough memory? Thats a thing of the past now!  cardspeed sdc v10 6b59 129x200 Not enough memory? Thats a thing of the past now!
The first picture shows the speed result of my normal 4GB SD Card with the original Palm driver. In the second picture you can see the speed of the same card – but now with the the SDHC driver: the speed increased significantly.
Now look at the speed of the SDHC card:
cardspeed sdc v10 4737 129x200 Not enough memory? Thats a thing of the past now!
As you can see the speed is even faster than the normal SD card. But when working with the card I didn’t realise a big difference between both.
Now with so much storage you might want to use your SDHC card as a backup card. But be careful! As the SDHC driver is stored in the normal internal memory of your Palm device it will be deleted when you perform a hardreset. Then you won’t be able to read your SDHC card and you can’t restore your backup. So you have to keep a copy on a normal SD card or on an other device. Otherwise your backup is unreachable! As an alternative you can flash the driver into the ROM of your device. But don’t forget to add you license key as the driver won’t run without it!
If you want to try the SDHC driver on your device you can download a 9-days trial key from the author’s website. After the trial period you can still access your SD card – but with a speed of 50 kB/sek and in read-only mode. The full version costs $20.95 and can be purchased through the developer’s homepage.
At the moment the following devices are supported, others might follow:

  • Tungsten T|C
  • Tungsten E2
  • Tungsten T|5
  • LifeDrive
  • Palm TX
  • Zire 31
  • Zire 72
  • Download PowerSDHC
    Download PowerSDHC trial key

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    3 Responses to “Not enough memory? That’s a thing of the past now!”

    1. Excuse me, but this article is way too enthusiastic. Don’t get me wrong, I bought PowerSDHC right after the release (before you wrote about it ;) , but this seems to me like pure merchandise.

    2. Not regarding PowerSDHC, but how did you get the software CardSpeed version 1.2.1?
      If you can, please email it to me to: jrgutierrez [at]


    3. You can get it from here.

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