Critics frequently accuse me of being a bigot who hates low-key color themes. While the idea of considering competitors bigots may be appealing to some, I bring you yet another proof why black-on-white rocks:
24082008267 On low key color themes 24082008268 On low key color themes

The two images above show an application by an apprentice developer of mine who didn’t quite learn the lesson yet. They were both made on a Treo 680 with the backlight turned off – while the high-key theme remains viewable, the content on the low-key theme is very hard to see.

Today’s “lesson” is short and sweet: while low-key themes may look lovely indoors, customers using their devices outdoors will have huge issues seeing them. Even though it sounds unlogical (the contrast stays the same): the proof is above…

Any ideas, anyone?

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4 Responses to “On low-key color themes”

  1. I agree completely with your view of low key displays. I have the display screen on my Palm TX as simple as it can be. It has always amazes me that people actually pay money for fancy launchers etc. for their hand held devices so they can look more like a “real computer”.

  2. i completely agree. btw this is strength of PalmOS for me – its perfectly designed for simplicity and usability. i don’t like using backgrounds etc. for the exactly same reason you shown. even when i use UltimatePhone i set it to have copmpletely white background so it fits other PalmOS applications quite nicely :)

  3. Agreed. This is why I still wait for Nova. Even if its user interface is “shit according to modern standards”, because that’s exactly what I want.

  4. Hi Folks,
    thank you so much for the praise!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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