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An important argument for buying a PDA or smartphone is its display. It must be clear and readable, especially when there is much sunlight. In this case, users often have the maximum of brightness activated. In contrast to that, a lower brightness might be better if you use your device at home or in the office – that saves battery life. And if you want to read mails or websites in the evening, or even at night, the smallest possible level of brightness is often the best one for your eyes. In all cases, you have to set the brightness manually to the desired level, for example by pushing and holding the power button or using a special key (on my Tungsten C’s keyboard).

BrightToolsLite by TiGa Software can to solve this problem: you can define the screen brightness for each hour of the day. There are two day profiles: one for battery power and one for external power. Additionaly, you can set four brightness “favourites” which you can activate in the program. While I consider this feature rather useless (it is faster to open the Palm OS standard dialogue for that), the time profile for the display brightness seems interesting for people which change the brightness level often.


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