My long-term friend Guy recently was invited to the ITU Telecom conference in Bangkok. This conference is held by the International Telecommunicaton Union and covers a variety of topics from communication standards to the OLPC.

Guy Sheffer posted short reports of each of the seven days to his blog – hit the URL’s below for the full scoop:
ITU Telecoms 2008 – Day 1
Day one is a rather short write-up covering his arrival at the show.

ITU Telecoms 2008 – Day 2
Don’t ask me where OLPC has the money from: each delegate got a free one.

ITU Telecoms 2008 – Day 3
Part 3 is concerned with censorship laws (example used: Israel) and also looks at issues hampering the large-scale deployment of the OLPC.

ITU Telecoms 2008 – Day 4

Not much to see here :-(

ITU Telecoms 2008 – Day 5

Guy served as a volunteer in the OLPC session that day. His experience (completely aligns with mine):

I better stress to the readers that if they think they know how the OLPC would work because its Linux based, they are mistaken. The laptop’s system has all the Linux tools, but on top of it there is an interface there is a completely different called sugar. There is no folder structure. Only after 3 days, I figured out how to save on a usb stick in the GUI.

It troubled me since the youth forum members kept asking me about other things – like saving files and editing text and so on.

At the end of the session I told him that and that most of them didn’t feel they can’t do anything with the computer. He however replied that the computer is not for them, it is there so they can show it to their governments with the kids applications.

ITU Telecoms 2008 – Day 6
Not much to see here…

ITU Telecoms 2008 – Day 7
Guy’s final post looks at the influence of second life and other MMORPS’s on third-world economies. He furthermore raises a few interesting points about “currency stability” in virtual worlds…

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