Dmitry has announced his expected retirement from PalmOS development at  He posted a while back that he would stop developing once his PowerSDHC and NuRom for LD projects were completed.  He is now working on his operating system, DGOS,  which he says will be 100% compatible with PalmOS.

I have lifted the text of his post and pasted it below, the thread can be found here:

Hello all,

So as has been announced before, nuRom for LifeDrive (out 3 days ago) and PowerSDHC (out a month ago) were to be my last major projects for PalmOS. I will of course continue updating them as needed, but I do not forsee many big PalmOS projects in the future.

Where to from here? Well, I am making my own OS (development name DGOS) that will eventually be 100% PalmOS compatible, and better than PalmOS. It’s well on its way there. I will probably release it once it’s ready. You’ve all been a great audence.

And to set the record straight. I will take back what i said in this interview about PalmOS and GarnetOS not being dead and revise it to be “Palm Inc’s PalmOS may be dead, but hold on to your applications. DGOS will blow you away smile Dmitry Grinberg retires from PalmOS development

Besides that, and many of you know I now work fulltime at VMware, and my future plans include getting an MBA. I will of course continue to be present on the forum smile Dmitry Grinberg retires from PalmOS development.

Thank you all. It’s been a pleasure.

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6 Responses to “Dmitry Grinberg retires from PalmOS development”

  1. A sad thing. Dmitry is one of the most talented coders that ever touched a PalmOS-Device. I feel his retirement as a great loss.

  2. I think many of us feel the same way. At the same time his new project, DGOS, sounds great and also sounds like most of the new Palm devices will be able to run it!

  3. We probably see DGOS a long time before we get our hands on a PalmOS-II-equipped device….

  4. Unfortunately, you are probably correct. At any rate DGOS promises to be a much better operating system than PalmOS II is rumored to be. Note for example these comments from Dmitry about some of his OS components:

    for example my UI is ….skinUI
    my power manager is … dynaclock
    my touchscreen manager is … powerdigi
    my memory manager is … palmVM

  5. I think DGOS is than better then Palm OS.
    But if DGOS is NOT on smartphones / handhelds if you buy they, this OS is uninteresting for developer!


  6. Damn, you scared the crap outta me. I just read the header about Dmity retiring from PalmOS stuff and; DAMN!!! Had to read further to see he was spending all his time on the DGOS.


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