Research conducted by Tamoggemon has revealed a shocking fact: multiplayer games based on the physical proximity of two or even more handhelds (e.g. to establish a Bluetooth connection) are sub-ideal; as statistics work against them. As markets get more and more diverse, the probability that two individuals possess a compatible handheld diminishes.

Nevertheless, multiplayer gaming remains an essential part of human social behaviour. Look at soccer, chess or backgammon, and the tendency becomes clear: humans are social beings and enjoy interacting with one another.

Apprentice developer Simon Pfundstein analyzed the results of Tam Hanna’s research (results of which were presented at the mobile developer day), and created a proof-of-concept multiplayer game called PartyDice based on our findings.

PartyDice itself is the implementation of a very simple, but nevertheless challenging dice game. The rules of engagement have been simplified to an extent where learning the mechanics can be accomplished in literally seconds. Multiplayer gaming is accomplished by passing the handheld or smartphone around.
pydifinalC51D4229 Tamoggemon PartyDice: proof of concept multiplayer game released

This precedent allows impromptu multiplayer gaming sessions. Whenever two or more people meet, a PartyDice-enhanced handheld spreads good mood and blasts boredom away. Forget complex rule learning or training – this game can be grasped in seconds and stays fun for ages! PartyDice is the ideal party gag!

The program can be purchased at MobiHand’s and PalmGear’s for 9.95$, an introductory discount (valid for two weeks) brings the program down to 7.95$. The product’s evaluation version is valid for 16 trial games and can be obtained at

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