Mark/Space’s Jackie Macapanpan felt like sitting down with us briefly for a short, but loaded interview. Read on to find out what he thinks about the current state of the Palm OS economy!
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Please tell us more about yourself and your company!
Mark/Space makes the award-winning Missing Sync software. The Missing Sync synchronizes your most important information and data between your mobile device and Mac with robust functionality, reliability and ease of use. It is uniquely engineered to synchronize your contacts, events, appointments, notes, tasks, folders and media between your mobile phone and your Mac, without missing a beat.

Did the resuscitation of PalmGear affect your sales?
Not that I can tell, but the majority of our sales are done via our online store.

Do you feel the effects of the American sub-prime crisis?
Hard to say. This time of the year is typically relatively slow for us.

In General, are you (still) happy with the sales rates of your Palm OS products?
The Missing Sync for Palm OS continues to sell very well.

Did the fast-selling Centro affect your sales?
We did see a bump in sales that we could attribute to the Centro.

How long do you expect to stay in the Palm OS market?
We plan to continue selling and adding even more features to The Missing Sync for Palm OS.

Do you plan any new Palm OS products?
Sorry, I can’t comment on future products. :-)

Do you see any future for Nova?
I’m a long time Palm user and fan. I do sincerely hope they can make a future for themselves with Nova.

What is your future platform of choice?
At Mark/Space, we’re gadget geeks. As you might surmise from our product line, we aspire to create great software for all platforms.

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