It’s this part of the month once again – AdMob has provided me with a new Metrics Report. For all these of you new to the topic: AdMob is a company that focuses on serving up ads to mobile devices. Thus, they find themselves in an unique position for gathering data about market shares – and gladly pass that data on to the press.

As usual, I have picked out the most interesting bits of info – links to the full report can be found at the links below:
Palm OS – US market share takes decisive blow
The Palm Os finally is out of the US top 20 except for the Centro. The figure on the left is from August, while the figure on the right is from September. The single big winner is the iPhone, which now has about 3.2% of market share compared to the 3.4% of the Centro:
oldpalm Admob Mobile Metrics   the analysis newpalm Admob Mobile Metrics   the analysis

US – carriers and manufacturers
Our next char looks at which carrier deploys wich mobile phones. One can immediately seer that Sprint is the single biggest user of Palm devices, while MetroPCS acts as a game reserve for dead or dying phone manufacturers:
carriers Admob Mobile Metrics   the analysis

OS market share analysis
When it comes to OS shares all around the world, the Palm OS still manages to take in 6%. Symbian dominates the market, Windows Mobile and RIM OS fight about the second place:
shares Admob Mobile Metrics   the analysis

Further reading
September 2008 – PDF
August 2008 – PDF

P.S: Should the PDF links ever go down, please let us know – we have them archived!

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