iambic’s COO Adriano Chiaretta took the time to sit down with us for a detailed look at the state of his company. He may be the last, but he’s got a lot to say…let’s go!

Please tell us more about yourself and your company!
iambic was founded at the end of 1993, starting off developing solutions for one of the very first PDAs, the Apple Newton. Making it easy to do time and expense tracking while on the go was the primary focus. Later in 1994 the company expanded its area of focus to include personal information management (PIM). As a result, Action Names was born.=20

Through the years, that application evolved to what is now Agendus, currently available for Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, as well as Windows desktop PCs.=20

During the last few years, we expanded our portfolio with the introduction of a number of titles of broader reach in areas such as personal productivity, vehicle managers, health and diet applications, call management and action taking. This across most mobile platforms — including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Android, and soon iPhone.

In a nutshell, our mission is to empower users to make the most out of their time wherever they are -on the go or at the desk-, through the creation of easy-to-use, yet powerfully customizable solutions.

Did the resuscitation of PalmGear affect your sales?
So far we didn’t notice much of a difference from the time when Palm OS titles were sold through Pocketgear, and now that they are back on PalmGear.

Do you feel the effects of the American sub-prime crisis?
Well everyone at some extent is feeling the effects of this global not-so-great moment in time and we certainly are not immune to that.

Then again, even when things are not bright there’s always someone doing great no matter what, just like when things are bright there’s always someone not in great shape. All this said, every down moment is followed by an up moment, and we are looking forward for that to start taking place.

In General, are you (still) happy with the sales rates of your Palm OS products?
Things have been slowing down on the Palm OS side, not surprisingly. Hence everyone scrambling onto more popular and promising mobile platforms. This has been the same for us.

Did the fast-selling Centro affect your sales?
Not much. My feeling is that the $69.95 audience is not exactly incline / interested / tech savvy enough to bother getting apps on their mobiles. And if they do bother, they stay away from anything priced above the $0.99 mark.

For the most part at least, then as always there are exceptions, but not in a number large enough to sensibly show up as a positive effect from Centro sales.

How long do you expect to stay in the Palm OS market?
As long as it makes sense to, i.e. as long as we have a certain audience there. For the moment the Agendus for Palm OS audience is still rather strong, and we are actually working towards a major new version of our flagship title.

Do you plan any new Palm OS products?
Not in the immediate. Then again, things these days change so quickly and we’ve seen so much turmoil in the mobile operating systems in the past year or so, that nothing can really be set in stone.

Do you see any future for Nova?
Haven’t looked deep enough into it or into the rumors surrounding it to be able to come up with a meaningful answer. From a quick goggling around last news about it goes back to May 2008. Guess that tells us something. If there is any future for Nova, not much has transpired out so far.

What is your future platform of choice?
These days I’m carrying around an iPhone and a BlackBerry Bold. The iPhone OS and the BlackBerry OS are the two where I see the most activity in terms of innovations, while Android is another one I’m closely watching.

So I’d say 3 platforms of choice rather than one… or perhaps I just can’t make up my mind quite yet, or perhaps these days we just can’t afford the luxury to have one platform of choice only ;)

Anything you would like to add?
Not at this time. I meant to write one liners to the questions above, ended up writing novels… I think I said too much already :)

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