When using your Treo Smartphone every day you might ask how you can protect your device from scratches, crushes etc. One possibility is the Proporta leather case for the Treo 650.

 The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650  The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650

The case consists of leather and a piece of aluminium in the lid which gives some extra stability and protects the screen from crushes. In addition the lid holds a small pocket for one SD or MMC card.

 The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650

At the back you can find a small hole with a screw for the belt clip which consist of two parts: a small part which can be clipped to you belt and another part which will be attached to the back of the case. To do so unscrew the screw and fasten the part of the clip. Be sure that it is attached strong enough.

 The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650  The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650

Insert you Treo into the case by simply pushing the device into the clamps – they are strong enough to keep it in place. Now you can close the case and clip it into the clip. To remove the case from the belt simply push at the button on top of the belt device. This removes the lock and you can pull the case out of the clip.

 The Proporta leather case for the Treo 650

But what when you want to use the camera or you have to perform a reset?
In the first case you have to remove the Treo from the case as it does not have a hole for the camera eye. If you do not want to remove it you can try to pull down the lid as much as possible so that nothing of the case is in the picture. But here it depends on how you placed you Treo in the case.

For a reset you have to remove the Treo out of the case (even if you have got a small hole in the battery lid which should avoid opening it) in order to open the battery lid which gives access to the reset button.

So lets have a look at the results:
- good manufactured
- very good screen protection because of aluminium lid
- easy to attach/remove from belt
- appearence significant

- camera can be difficult to use
- only one pocket for one SD card

The case costs 26.95 £ (~42$ / 33€) and is available via Proporta:

The proporta leather case (proporta.com)

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