I have never been too much a friend of so-called graphical buttons – coming from the depths of Windows 3.xx, I am accustomed to having text captions on buttons. While this may look boring, the dialog below shows why it has its merits:
idiotgui Stupid & in love with widgets

The texter refers to “Yes” and “No”, but the UI designer decided to deploy graphical widgets which don’t wear these labels. While we (aka the readers of TamsPalm) should be able to figure it out quickly, other users may take a few seconds (and will be frustrated if their machine reboots due to them making a wrong choice).

When it comes to alerts (deciding about very important things), definitely stick to your system’s UI conventions at all cost. Not doing so will probably land you on TamsPalm, and will get you a bunch of unhappy users…

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Stupid & in love with widgets”

  1. agreed, for such things text is always more descriptive then image – even if there is need to localise it. now its fashion to remove texts from everywhere (not only programs, but also on airports etc.), its so easy to get lost…

  2. Hi Selmi,
    full ack here!

    As for the icons: could this be an attempt to shackle users to a single developer’s offers – think if it like this: he knows the icons, so using other products is easier..


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