Opera Mini 4.2 has just been released – as we covered Opera Mini to death in the past, this review looks only at the new things I noticed.

At start-up, the program displays its usual change log and asks you to confirm your agreement to the licensing contract:
0a Opera Mini 4.2   the review 0b Opera Mini 4.2   the review

The synchronization option can be enabled from the main menu. It requires you to have a so-called Opera Link account, and then let’s you keep bookmarks in sync:
1a Opera Mini 4.2   the review

Opera added a rudimentary feed reader for reasons I will never ever understand. Nevertheless: if you visit an RSS-enabled web site, a sidebar pops up in a fashion similar to FireFox:
2a Opera Mini 4.2   the review

Clicking the bar allows you to preview the feed and/or subscribe to it:
3a Opera Mini 4.2   the review

I managed to get the program work somewhat stable on my Treo 680 with the following settings – the stability of this version of the program was a lot better than on previous versions. This is quite a feat, as Palm’s JVM is now over three years old:
4a Opera Mini 4.2   the review 4b Opera Mini 4.2   the review

Overall, Opera Mini is a good thing to have (if you manage to get your hands onto a Java VM) on your device. It manages to render a surprising amount of web sites: even though a native version of Opera would definitely be better, this manages to beat Blazer in most aspects except stability. Highly recommended…

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5 Responses to “Opera Mini 4.2 – the review”

  1. You forgot notes syncing via Opera Link :D

  2. Hi Jonas,
    I think that I added it!

    All the best

    P.S. Notes? With Opera? Please tell me more!

  3. With the desktop version of Opera it is possbile to have notes in the browser (Tools => Notes) which are synced with OperaLink, too.
    With OperaMini 4.2 Opera added the possibility to sync these notes onto your mobile as well. They’re accessible through bookmarks => notes. If you edit, create or delete a note it is automatically synchronized to the OperaLink account and will be available on the desktop, too.

  4. Funny thing, was never able to start this Opera Mini 4.2 on my Palm TX.
    Application installs into JVM fine, but hangs when starting – draws initial screen, starts filling the bar at the bottom, but always hangs on 25% approx. So I’ve always used Opera Mini 3.x on this PDA without any problem.
    VM version is J9 2.2 ARM (20040706_1505_IHsCmV)

  5. Hi Egor,
    thank you so much for talking back!

    Have you tried another version maybe? Or UDMH?

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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