Dmitry Grinbergs DGOS   blog postedYours truly has seen a variety of PalmOS-rewriting initiatives over the years – so far, none of them managed to get beyond the concept stage. The latest attempt comes to us via Dmitry Grinberg and is called Dmitry Grinberg Operating system, or DGOS for short.

While Dmitry Grinberg still doesn’t employ the services of a PR agency, he nevertheless is a true master of self-promotion…which is why he has launched a blog on the development of the new operating system. So far, he posted a few highly interesting code snippets which look promising – from an academic (ivory tower/cathedral) standpoint, I am pretty sure that his OS will be reliable and well-done.

Unfortunately, Dmitry’s problems don’t end here. Even if he manages to complete work on the OS, he will be in a similar position to PalmSource’s or UIQ’s. Technological superiority is not enough to ensure market success – if a big company can’t do it, how should an individual be able to get support from hardware manufacturers?

Anyways – further information can be found here:

Image: Tam Hanna, unknown Italian church or cathedral

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3 Responses to “Dmitry Grinberg’s DGOS – blog posted”

  1. You write about “variety of PalmOS-rewriting initiatives”. What do you mean? I only know one, called “Knose”.

  2. Hi Alex,
    I was referring to this one!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  3. It’s the Cathedral of St. Francis in Assisi – worth the visit. Great website and blog, very useful, thank you.

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