My developmental journey started out at PalmGear’s: my first programs were available exclusively from them. However, I eventually switched away due to ever-higher royalties and extremely difficult communications – MobiHand was a cheaper and (at the time) communicative ESD. Unfortunately, there is Money in PalmGear…which is why I restarted offering my products there when FileFind 4 was released.

The boys never were too fast when it came to “accepting apps”: while a distributor like MobiHand accepts your app initially and removes it later if objectionable, PalmGear insists on performing an “acceptance test” on the first upload. These tests have always taken a day or two in the past…but recently, things started to escalate. Their latest masterpiece concerns TimeDrift, and can be seen below (look at the order of the messages…it is wrong, too):
 Delay o rama   or   PalmGear takes 10 days to certify an app

Needless to say, of course, this is extremely unhealthy for a product’s marketing campaign. TimeDrift sold quite a bit at MobiHand’s, while PalmGear has yet to see a single sale. The initial peak makes quite a bit of money: money which both PalmGear and the developer loose. My PalmGear rep originally blamed the delays on a system change…as a few months have passed since then….

Colleagues of mine have even gone so far as to wait with their entire marketing campaign (and the releases at other ESD’s) until PalmGear eventually accepts their product. From a marketing agency’s point of view, this is a total catastrophy – imagine having to time releases with a +/- 10 days time frame…

P.S. In the past, PalmGear compensated developers who experienced such delays with a free marketing campaign. I will submit this “claim” and keep you posted on what happens…

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