Handheld / Smartphone feeling bored? Put it on Resco Explorer 2009! Our award-winning file manager for the Palm OS has just received a significant update, adding new features to make life easier.

Explorer 2009
is the latest version of Resco’s award-winning file manager for the Palm OS. It moves, copies, finds and edits files on the go – if you have a memory card in your device, you need Resco Explorer to stay on top of your data.

If your device has a network connection or a Bluetooth radio, things get even merrier. Get camera images off that pesky N-Series camera phone! Get MP3 files off your Windows PC via WiFi. Save important files to an FTP server on the go. You name it, Resco Explorer does it! I guess that we didn’t win the Handango Champions Award for nothing after all, did we ;) .
0a Resco Explorer 2009 for Palm OS released! 0b Resco Explorer 2009 for Palm OS released!

New feature: File Sync
1a Resco Explorer 2009 for Palm OS released! 1b Resco Explorer 2009 for Palm OS released!
As memory cards become bigger, sophisticated tools are needed to keep files in check. Resco Explorer 2009 introduces “Folder Sync” – a technology allowing you to keep files synchronized between two folders (on your handheld or the network). Just choose the folders, and select which changes should go where: a godsend for keeping your files in sync!

New feature: Card Scan
2a Resco Explorer 2009 for Palm OS released! 2b Resco Explorer 2009 for Palm OS released!
File system damage is the #1 reason for data loss on Palm OS devices. Resco Explorer contains a card scanner, allowing you to detect damaged file systems on the go.

New feature: better network engine
Network support has always been important for us. Resco Explorer is the only Palm OS program supporting FTP, Bluetooth file transfer and SMB (Windows) shares. This version revamps our network core, improving SSL support for even higher security.

New feature: tarball support
We were among the first companies to make zip support available to our customers: and now go one step further. Resco Explorer 2009 allows you to get files out of compressed and uncompressed tarballs (.tar, .tar.gz, .taz, .tgz) – no Unix head should be left standing in the rain.

A free trial of the program can be downloaded from Resco’s web site! Resco Explorer costs 29.95 $ and can be purchased at all mayor retailers. Customers who have bought the program in the last year get a free upgrade, all other Explorer customers can get a 50% rebate by contacting customer support.

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