Previously I did a comparison of IDGuard by Resco and SplashID by Handmark (see IDGuard vs SplashID ).  A fellow poster on pointed out to me I left out his favorite ID app – DataShield by Ultrasoft.  I was going to compare DataShield to the other 2 to see how it stacked up.  That was before I tried it.

There is a lot to say for using Datashield, especially if you haven’t used either of the other 2 apps I mentioned.  Ultrasoft’s app seems well put together graphically.  And there are any number of options, but there are also a lot of limitations.

I immediately liked that I could enter a password from 2 different on screen keyboards, a numeric keypad, or a graphic of my hard keys (the problem with the last is that you must use the graphic to input the code, since the app doesn’t catch the keypresses when in the password screen).  I must admit that I really loved IDGuard’s import feature and miss that in this app.

There are many security preferences within the app, which is really nice, but as soon as I leave the list screen support for anything larger than 320×320 disappears (the TX has a 320×480 screen).

The two things that truly turned me off from DataShield were

  1. it only displays 2 columns at a time, which makes it difficult to see relevant information for some things.  On the other hand, you can edit any of the templates, e.g. bank accounts, very easily to display any column as column #2.
  2. when I hide my status bar on my TX then tap again to get it back the program soft resets my device.

Although the reset is most likely the result of a software conflict, neither IDGuard, nor SplashID have this problem on my device with the same setup.

On top of that when my TX came back after the reset, the 3 dummy records I had entered were gone.  In my opinion, the app should be saving information after each entry.

Although the app installs an icon database separately from the app, there were no more icons (possibly less) than in IDGuard.

So, in the end, I would put IDGuard as the best choice, followed by SplashID, with DataShield a distant 3rd.

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