Nova and developers: Tungsten T, redux Top Palm brass has repeatedly declared that its soon-to-launch OS (commonly known as Nova) has been in the hands of developers for quite some time. As we at TamsPalm’s generally don’t trust Palm, we set out to do a little research – and found out shocking results.

We interviewed a variety of developers of award-winning applications (almost all of them have successfully participated in pre-release schemes of one sort or the other) – and none of them has any information (let’s not talk about an SDK) for the new operating system.

One close friend of mine described his feelings as following:

I was ripped off to be one of the premier Palm developers, but have not heard from them in almost a year. I didn’t even know they’d named the new platform. An SDK? No way…

Statistics tell us that a surprisingly small sample is good enough to lead to accurate results: it looks like Nova will drop with next to no software (probably excluding DocsToGo and maybe also PocketTunes). Palm’s Tungsten T was an excellent device, but suffered due to lack of software:

A device without a good software library in the ROM is a dead device.

The reason for this is easy. Many stores have handheld displays where user can test out handhelds. These handhelds are hardreset every one to two days, and they usually are not connected to the internet or to a computer. So, the users dont get to see the great apps that are included on the CD-they just see whats in the ROM, and ion devices like the TT, this is more-less empty.

I personally fear that Palm has made a big mistake not to provide developers with the SDK ahead of time: the total lack of leaks has created an atmosphere of “doom and gloom” in the Palm OS economy. Furthermore, customers will not be motivated to buy a Nova device which essentially “goes nowhere” – from my point of view, Palm could very well need another few cash injections in the near future…

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4 Responses to “Nova and developers: Tungsten T, redux”

  1. When they say developers they generally mean the ones they have relatively close working relationships with. Regardless, LETS WAIT UNTIL WE KNOW FOR SURE.

  2. Hi,
    my developers are highly integrated with Palm’s! I can not name names due to Palm watching me (hi george)…but rest aware that these guys are top-50 on Handango and many were in the Foleo program…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  3. I was thinking more like top 5, but that is just a hunch, so whatever… we’ll see in a couple weeks.

    … Oh foleo, what a horrible horrible idea.

  4. Hi,
    let’s stay tuned :)

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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